The Cosmic Carnival

The Cosmic Carnival

Amsterdam, 20 augustus

For a good decade now, The Cosmic Carnival has been a fixture in The Netherlands, steadily building up a formidable live reputation. After two full-lengths and a live double LP, the Rotterdam-based collective has yet to bend toward full-blown nostalgia. That said, the sonic reference points The Cosmic Carnival claim are predominantly sounds from the past: artists like The Grateful Dead, The Band and Jefferson Airplane – but also Bob Marley, CCR and Springsteen – are constant beacons of inspiration.

The Cosmic Carnival knack for reinvention always makes their music sound fresh and contemporary. Country, soul-scorching soul, 70s rock nuggets, reggae and psychedelic pop are part of the same distinct vernacular. If there’s one thing not constantly in flux, it’s The Cosmic Carnival’s unparalleled fervor to perform, as well as their inquisitive spirit and sheer work ethic.

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